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Nikki’s background in sales, marketing and training has a common thread running through it…. a strong passion for fashion and style.

Starting in teaching, her career encompassed retail fashion, modelling, sales/marketing, Advertising and running her own Image Consultancy for 20 years. 


Nikki has extensive experience in high level corporate and personal training and styling. Some of her clients include Shell Australia, Jenny Craig, Hyatt on Collins, AMP Insurance Ltd, SIO, Leisure and Allied Entertainment, CUB, Anzpac Services.

In recent years, she has focussed on assisting emerging professionals and their partners to become the architects of their own style.

Her focus has always been on empowering the individual, through development of self confidence and self esteem.

Nikki’s world was rocked in December 2000 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and having journeyed through it, she is totally devoted to helping women reinvent themselves post surgery and treatment. She partners women in developing their own signature style.

Nikki brings her skills together with empathy, imparting knowledge to help her clients develop their own fashion personalities …. what to wear, how and when to wear it.

Her philosophy ….. “It’s a partnership”

Words from Nikki


'Why do I do what I do? Because I love it and have “a thing” about helping you become the perfect package. It’s all about the joy of wrapping the gift that is you and giving you the confidence and presence to strut your stuff. ​What I love most is collaborating with you to discover, inspire, and create your own signature style'.


Defining The Art of Dressing


As a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant in Melbourne.

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