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Personal Shopper Melbourne

As a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant in Melbourne,

Nikki Provides a Personal Shopper Experience for Both Men and Women.

As part of her personal stylist services, Nikki offers personal shopper experiences in Melbourne with a whole array of benefits:

  • Save time! No more wandering aimlessly around the shops.

  • Save money! Nikki helps you to stop falling in the same traps of buying clothes that sit at the back of the wardrobe forever.

  • Second opinion! It’s Nikki’s job to be up-to-date with all current fashion trends, her second opinion offers experience, and genuine care.

  • Gain confidence! Confidence to go in to the shops you always want to visit, but are too intimidated; Nikki offers that friendly nudge in the right direction.

  • Educate! Personal shopper services should have lasting results, Nikki teaches you shopping techniques and imparts fashion know-how to assist you in the future.


And most importantly, Nikki’s personal shopping assistance is supposed to remind you of one underlying factor – shopping is supposed to be fun!


Shopping for yourself shouldn’t feel like a chore. You deserve to spend some time and money on yourself, and Nikki’s collaborative approach to shopping assistance helps you uncover the hidden gems that bring out the best in you… because when you look good, you feel great!

Personal Shopper for Men

My personal shopper for men helps you to look and feel your best with the right coordinates that suit you, your look and your lifestyle. Different cloths and combinations suit different people, I will advise you on the best combinations to wear, no matter what the occasion.

Personal Shopper for Women

As a personal shopper for women I reduce the stress and indecision, by advising you on the best styles to suit your individuality, your shape, your tone, your feelings. It's all about polishing the template that is uniquely yours. 


“Where to shop? What to buy? Will it suit? How to find the time? Not knowing where to start? Let’s make it easy!

Whether it be a special event, tweaking your wardrobe, redefining your casual/corporate style, this service is for you. We’ll go shopping for the perfect outfit… your brief, your schedule, your lifestyle, and your budget.

I will have done all the “leg work” for you, done all the exploring and taken the stress out of the exercise. Your buying will be fun and new shopping strategies will empower you for your next excursion…”

Like Pat…

Who through a traumatic abusive experience had hidden herself from the world, and subsequently lost her identity. “I want ME back,” she exclaimed, after flying down to Melbourne to meet up with me for a personal shopper experience. Subtle tones and styles were the key to seeing a beautiful butterfly emerge from her dark cacoon within hours! Pat got on the plane with a new hairstyle, a suitcase full of new clothes she loved, but most importantly, a new outlook on herself, her image, and her life.


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