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As a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant in Melbourne,

Nikki Provides a Variety of Services for Both Men and Women.


If you want to present yourself with greater impact, power & authority, I will show you how to dress for success. We will discuss your professional goals and work together to create your professional image. Your new found confidence will create a bounce in your step.

Enhance your presence in your work environment. It’s all about your own “Executive Style”. Dressing your part, is vital to communicating the impression of who you are, who you want to become and who you want to project.


Let’s make it happen.

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Wardrobe Edit

How often have we heard the phrase “ I have a cupboard full of clothes, but nothing to wear” Cleaning out, updating or reorganising your wardrobe can be daunting.

This service, includes a personal visit to your home alleviating all the stress and uncertainty associated with the task.

We will work with your existing outfits and accessories, sort through the “must haves” and build from there. Your resulting wardrobe will reflect more creativity and choice, based on your unique style template.

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Personal Shopper

Where to shop? What to buy? Will it suit? How to  find the time? Not knowing where to start? Let’s make it easy!

Whether it be a special event, tweaking your wardrobe, redefining your casual/corporate style, this service is for you. We’ll go shopping for the perfect outfit …. Your brief, your schedule, your lifestyle, your budget.


I will have done all the “leg work” for you, done all the exploring and taken the stress out of the exercise. Your buying will be fun and new shopping strategies will empower you for your next excursion.


Purposeful ….Targetted ….. Complete

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Style is about identity and communication. My styling service is focussed on helping you create the perfect template, that is uniquely yours.

We implement strategies including wardrobe edits, shopping and coaching to achieve the desired outcomes. It’s all about empowering you with a new confidence when moving in the style arena.

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The puzzle falls into place, and that “Ah Ha” moment is liberating.

Corporate Styling

Looking to advance your career or returning to the corporate environment?

We work with your specific brief to create a compelling, professional brand.

We will kick start your updated image by spending focussed time and attention on the message you want to communicate, dressing your part and the visual impression you want to make.

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Style Workshops

Here is a wonderful opportunity to share a style discovery tour in either a corporate or casual surround.


These 1 day workshops are fun, informative and interactive.


You will receive guidance on what to wear, how to wear it and where. The group environment is conducive to mixing and matching styles that suit body shape, personality and are age appropriate.

The workshops are designed to suit a specific brief or requirement and are results oriented.


Tailored to your brief or requirements. 

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift idea, especially for the person who already appears to have everything. Why not suprise them with a voucher for

  • A Style Makeover,

  • A Wardrobe Edit.

  • Personal Shopping. 


A novel and valuable gift idea for a partner, friend or work associate.

Give them the opportunity to be inspired, to change or update their 'look'.

Watch them develop a new self confidence and presence through enhancing their own, unique style.

It’s all about fun, growth and an investment for the future.


Gift Vouchers Are Avalable Click Here

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Nikki is Also Available for

  • Corporate Presentations,
  • Keynotes,
  • Workshops,
  • Personal Image Consulting,
  • Private Client Styling,
  • Shopping for Special Occasions. 
'I love working with my clients to help them realise and develop their unique personal style. My objective is to get my clients excited about their new look and how it makes them feel. Each client is different and everybody is an individual, I tailor the whole experience to suit their specific lifestyle needs, their goals, their sense of style and of course their budget'.
Your presentation and appearance should reflect where you want to go and the message you want to send. 
To discuss where you want to get to give me a call.   
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