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“Style is about identity and communication. My women’s styling service is focused on helping you create the perfect template, that is uniquely yours


We implement strategies including wardrobe edits, shopping and coaching to achieve the desired outcomes. It’s all about empowering you with a new confidence when moving in the style arena.


The puzzle falls into place, and that “Ah Ha” moment is liberating”

Nikki works with everyday women, from all backgrounds, offering a wide range of personalised women’s stylist and image consultancy services, designed to have you operating with the confidence you deserve!

  • Professional women in a corporate role

  • Personal/Corporate Branding

  • Women who dislike shopping

  • Women confused by female fashion trends

  • Women who have lost their confidence

  • Women struggling to discover their own image and style

  • Women looking to boost their careers

  • Women who just need a second opinion

… any woman who can benefit from a little helping hand from a professional stylist.

Nikki forms a unique 'connection' with her clients. 

Like Janet…

Who I met six months into her chemotherapy. She felt she had lost her femininity, was out of touch with herself and her identity as a women, wife and lover… I gently steered her towards soft styles, which brought out her natural grace and beauty…. We laughed, we cried, we shared experiences and there was a lot more than “styling” to our connection… She has now become increasingly more comfortable with her body and newfound poise.




Annie; a 17-year-old student who was being bullied by her peers, had serious body image issues and lacked confidence and self-esteem. She hid behind her clothes and her body language was negative and sad… my heart went out to her, as we set off to the shops! Hesitant and tearful at first, by the end she was strutting her stuff… her Mother, Sister, Grandma and I were in tears… several months later I received word from her mother, Anna was out and about, enjoying life with her friends, and her newfound confidence.

This is what I do… more so, this is what I love.

Women's Makeover Melbourne


As a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant for Women.

Here's what some of Nikki's Clients had to say. 

Wardrobe Makeover for Women

When it comes to women and their shopping, finding the right look at the right price come become overwhelming. Nikki knows many of the right outlets and boutiques with the best 'styles' to suit your look. Every women is different , it's all about individuality and expression.  

Why you’ve sought after Nikki is no longer an issue, now that you’ve found her.

Nikki’s skill is in building an honest and caring relationship with each of her clients…listening closely to their stories, whilst imparting her own expertise on personal success and overcoming adversity, and an intimate knowledge of women’s fashion.

Personal Shopper for Women

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