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Nikki knows that men can feel just as confused about male fashion trends and styling as women.

An experienced men’s fashion, style and image consultant, Nikki can provide invaluable wardrobe and shopping advice to help you uncover your unique ‘mojo’.

Be yourself! Nikki never aims to change; it’s all about helping you shine by responding to your personal style, preferences, ambitions and budget.

If you want to present yourself with greater impact, power & authority, I will show you how to dress for success. We will discuss your professional goals and work together to create your professional image. Your new found confidence will create a bounce in your step.


Enhance your presence in your work environment. It’s all about your own “Executive Style”. Dressing your part, is vital to communicating the impression of who you are, who you want to become and who you want to project.

Let’s make it happen.

Here's what one of Nikki's Clients had to say. 


Having been in the corporate and public sectors for most of my working life, I found I had developed a “way of dressing” which became my uniform. It was time for a change, but where to start? I needed a new on trend image, but importantly, it needed to be “age appropriate” as well.


Nikki personal men’s stylist service walked me through my brief and took me from wardrobe edit to shop, in the most professional way. I am now looking and feeling great with a powerful and effective presence. I have a new found confidence and know that my presentations and impact have been substantially enhanced by Nikki’s expert advice, guidance and assistance.

Leo Doyle

Principal FRM Group


As a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant for Men.

Wardrobe Makeover for Men

Shopping no longer needs to be a chore! Nikki makes it fun, by offering a personal and professional hand, to point you in the right direction. She takes the pain out of finding the perfect items for your wardrobe.

Take away the pressure and discomfort – a shopping trip with Nikki offers expertise and objectivity, with her goal as a men’s stylist, being for you to look good and feel comfortable. Who knows, you may even have fun!

Personal Shopper for Men

Men's Makeover Melbourne

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