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I'm 50.... What Do I Wear?

The first in a series of questions asked of a Personal Stylist/Image Consultant based in Melbourne.

“We’re only as young as we feel!” Good one! How often have we heard this age old adage, only to be confronted with the reality of the mirror image. The weird part of getting older is that we tend to forget that we actually are!

When an email came through yesterday, with “I’m 50 ..... what do I wear now?” I decided that some questions needed answers.

Coming to grips with greying hair and the getting of wisdom, not to mention (dare I say it?) middle age spread in some cases, brings with it the dilemma of “the wardrobe”. How does this translate into clothing choices?

Growing older stylishly is about letting go and looking at what works for you now.

Fashion dressing needs to be re defined and personal style reviewed and reshaped to bring out our personal best.

So, in a world where everyone from teens to eighty, wears “skinny jeans” where does it stop? What does “Age appropriate” really mean?

The answers are never easy as there are many shades of grey (oops).

As Leonardo D Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and I would tend to agree ......

Keep it simple, classical and timeless, but add an EDGE. It works wonders.

Your style must make a cohesive definitive statement about who you are, so to this end, some tips below:

  • Today’s mature women look, feel and think younger than their age. UPDATE YOUR LOOK for a confident, vibrant image. Think classy, elegant and chic

  • Invest in modern classics, clothes that are timeless but have an edge to make them “fashion forward”

  • Add difference with accessories to make a statement, rather than wearing loud or too “out-there” colours and patterns.

  • Kiss the mini skirt goodbye and introduce elegant lengths instead. Sure you can flaunt the same skinny jeans as the girl next door, but wear a tailored jacket and pumps for a fabulous look.

  • Fit is everything ..... choose quality, well fitted clothes that flatter your shape. Find silhouettes that are modern and clean, then add a little edge .... Keep it interesting.

  • Attention to grooming and an up to date hair style are paramount.

  • Regularly review your wardrobe and cull mercilessly.

  • Plan and shop with a purpose .... no impulse buying, no matter how tempting the sale.

  • Adjust your “go to” colours to suit changes that come with age (personal, lifestyle, personality etc) Tone them down (Within reason of course)

  • Ditch novelty clothing

Age is just a number on your birth certificate, but with those numbers, we have cultivated maturity, confidence and wisdom. Now is the time to represent oneself fully and authentically and no longer the time to chase fashion trends. Leave them in the past.

Dressing your age is all about feeling fabulous and comfortable in your own skin and working genuinely with what you have now.

Coco Chanel said “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty”.

So too with fashion and style, Simplicity is the keynote of all time elegance.

For further information and help, please contact me .. Nikki Casey,

Personal Stylist and Image Consultant based in Melbourne. or 0499 111 949

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