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It’s that never ending question rearing it’s ugly head over and over again ....often accompanied by tears of frustration when confronting the packed wardrobe and being met with garments still tagged with the original “sale” label.

Is this you??? It certainly applies to so many of us being “sucked in” by the annual SALE Frenzy (Easter Sale, mid season sale, final clearance) Enough to do your head in! Ask yourself if you are that Impulsive, compulsive shopaholic. Even I have been guilty of this in the past! (Awful admission)

The huge excitement of the “Sale/impulsive” purchase soon fades when the realisation hits that nothing matches anything else and the interest in wearing the new garment dwindles quickly into “Why the hell did I buy That”?

Yes, It’s time to take back control, stop draining the bank account and put sound buying strategies into place. Breaking the cycle is challenging but worthwhile, as post buying euphoria is just that. It disappears almost instantaneously.

Different strategies work for different people, but here are some suggestions on how to curb that “buying appetite”

  1. Take Inventory

“I have too much stuff” syndrome. Things in the wardrobe you’ve forgotten about? We actually only wear about 20% of the clothes we have stashed! Do a wardrobe audit (with or without help) and take stock of what actually works, fits, is on trend or can be combined with other pieces. Be prepared to cull ruthlessly.

2. Purchase only what you need right now

Having identified the gaps in your wardrobe, go shopping with a list, a purpose and a plan. Don’t be deterred by tempting goodies you perceive as a bargain .... it doesn’t work. Neither does buying for the new summer body .... it may never materialise. The present is what counts, so leave the imagination at home. Buy now what makes you feel fantastic when you look in the mirror!

3. Buy for fit and quality

These will never let you down. That one “good” piece will bring you joy and a spring in your step each time you wear it. Build around the foundation pieces with fashion accessories to refresh the look. Be aware of your body shape and dress to enhance it. Shoulders back .... Now strut your stuff!

4. Have a reason to buy

Buy only what you need in a practical sense, not for “retail therapy” Buying for the sake of it or to fill gaps, is like eating when you’re not hungry. Emotional purchases only leave us empty and frustrated in the end. There is no room in our lives for self deprecation.

5. Sales .... Forget them

Nothing is a smart buy if you don’t need it. The price is not right if it doesn’t fit, the colour is not quite right, or the style and shape are not suitable. So many times we go home and regret the impulse and “no” there are no refunds! So, another unwanted piece in the ever expanding wardrobe.

6.“Don’t think twice, it’s alright” Nice words for a pop song but out of context here. Do Think Twice. Take a deep breath and walk past the bargain, have a coffee or better still go home and give it time! You’ll probably realise you don’t need it after all and feel grateful for having the fortitude to leave well enough alone. Yay!! Money saved and feeling good about me! Leave temptation behind and play the waiting game .... sleep on it.

Interestingly enough, shopping is quite a science and frivolity has no place in a world driven by the accumulation of stuff. Sure, shopping is pleasurable most of the time, but the reasons need to be sound and like most things in life, planning has a strong role to play. (We don’t just keep buying fridges because they’re on sale) Taking the example to the extreme.

Save time and money by shaking the habit of making excessive, unnecessary and unsatisfying purchases ..... life is too short!

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